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Workshop Agile and Change Management (Brussels - March 9th, 2018)

This one-day workshop takes you through an in-depth exploration of Change Management in an Agile context, either for leading your organization on the journey from Waterfall Project Management to Agile Management or for optimizing the return on investment of your Agile projects. You will discover the people-related challenges of the Agile methodology and be provided with concrete direction for addressing them. Innovative first-class research will be used to highlight Change Management best practices for Agile.

Who is this workshop for?

If you answer “yes” to any of the following, then you will benefit from this workshop:

  • Do you want to learn about the latest research in the application of Change Management in Agile projects?
  • Are you a business leader willing to improve your Change Management and Agile skills?
  • Are you a Change management practitioner eager to stay on the cutting-edge of advancements in your field?
  • Do you plan on implementing an Agile methodology in your organization?
  • Are you in the implementation phase of an Agile methodology?
  • Are you facing people-related issues when applying an Agile methodology to a project?
  • Are you looking for best practices in the application of Change management in an Agile framework?
  • Do you want to network with peers facing Change Management challenges on Agile projects?

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to transform your organization towards an agile environment
  • Learn how to apply Change Management to Agile projects
  • Learn from innovative and first-class research on the intersection between Agile and Change Management

Expected Outcomes

  • Understand the differences between Agile and agile
  • Know the shared values and principles of Agile and Change Management
  • Have a better grasp on how Change Management is different in an Agile environment
  • Learn from innovative and first-class research on how to adjust practices in 10 areas of change management when operating in an iterative environment
  • Understand the importance of the people side of change when transitioning to Agile
  • Acquire best practices for the transformation of your organization towards Agile
  • Meet other people facing the same challenges

Program content

  • Keynote by Tim Creasey on latest research on the intersection between Agile and Change Management
  • Review of people-related key success factors when moving to an Agile environment
  • Step-by-step: How to apply Change Management on the Agile concepts?
  • Review of Change Management levers and roles in an Agile context

Biography of Tim Creasey

Tim Creasey is Prosci’s Chief Innovation Officer and a globally recognized leader in change management. His work forms the foundation of the largest body of knowledge in the world on managing the people side of change to deliver organizational results.


  • Date: March 9th, 2018
  • Welcome at 9.00 am, start at 9.30 am
  • End at 5.30 pm
  • Venue : Brussels
  • Language: English (live translators in French will be available)
  • Price : Single : 795€ excl. VAT per part.
  • Price : Group* : 695€ excl. VAT per part.
  • *To qualify as a "group", three (3) or more people from the same company or entity must register and pay at the same time in one transaction. The discount will be automatically applied to all group attendees when three or more have registered.


Click this link for more information or to register online

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